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    Grow your fix & flip business with flexible solutions, fast closing times, and competitive terms for experienced investors. Contact us today and see why 70% of our fix & flip loans are made to repeat customers.

    • Funding for up to 85% of purchase price and 100% of rehab budget
    • No prepayment penalty
    • Rates from 8%-13%
    • No hidden fees at closing
    • Fast and easy draw process
    • Streamlined refinance process into a 30-year loan for rehab-to-rent projects

    Fix and flip loans are the perfect tool for investors who are looking for finance their next purchase. Born of necessity, flip and flip hard money loans give real estate professionals access to capital in the matter of days, not weeks or months.

    More than any types of investments, speed is the name of the game here – the faster you complete your fix, the quicker the flip and higher the rewards. Investors looking to get in and out quickly can utilize private lending to secure otherwise untenable deals (even ask for a cash discount) and secure the required capital required to renovate the property.

    Yes – hard money loans are perfect for individuals with bad credit. Private lenders use ‘asset-based‘ lending as the underwriting criteria – so the focus is the real estate, not the individual. This means that as long as you get a good deal on the purchase – you have a good chance to get a loan for your next fix and flip project. Of course, good credit is better than a bad credit history – but unlike traditional loans, they are not a barrier to credit.

    You can still qualify for a fix and flip loan if you:

    Have Bad credit
    Little or no credit history
    Have a past bankruptcy on your record
    Owe back taxes or have current liens against you

    Terms for fix and flip loans will vary depending on many factors, such as property type, location, borrower's experience, and more.. Every property is examined on a case by case basis by our experienced underwriters and real estate professionals.

    Loan terms that fit a single-tenant restaurant off a busy freeway are going to be different than financing for an office building in the middle of downtown New York City. Generally speaking, a typical transaction can expect the following terms:

    • Interest rate - starting at 8%
    • Term - Typically 6 to 24 months
    • Origination and fees - 2 points and up - fees vary by property and loan parameters
    • Interest-only payments
    • LTV - Loan to value - up to 80% and 100% of renovation costs (for experienced borrowers with strong credit history)
    • No income verification or taxes needed
    • Closing in 2-4 weeks

    By just answering the following 10 questions, our team can let you know right away if a transaction is feasible:

    we will let you know if the transaction is feasible:

    1. Property Address?
    2. Property type?
    3. If purchase, what is the purchase price and down payment available?
    4. If refinance, what is the estimated value? And what is the amount owed?
    5. Closing under entity (LLC or Inc) or personal name?
    6. Amount of liquid assets available?
    7. How many investment properties have been owned by borrower in the last 36 months?
    8. What is the estimated credit score?
    9. Is the property generating income?
    10. Rate and term expectations?

    After that, we would need:

    • A signed loan application
    • 4 months of bank statements (personal or business)
    • Copy of purchase agreement (if purchase)
    • Copy of recent mortgage statement (if refinancing a loan)
    • Copy of recent credit report

    Close In 2-4 Weeks. Rates Start As Low As 8%.

    Explore Our Loan Programs

    GoKapital can help you achieve your real estate dreams – we provide a variety of programs that can fit any investment strategy. If you are an experienced real estate professional or a first-timer, you can benefit from our experience and excellent service.

    • Rates from 8%
    • Loan amounts from $100,000

    • Up to 80% LTV for qualified properties

    • No upfront fees

    • Qualify in 24 hours

    Commercial Real Estate Loans and Hard Money Loans Nationwide.

    • Hard Money Lenders

    • Loans for Investment Properties

    • Commercial Real Estate Loans

    • Bridge Loans

    • Foreign National Loans

    • Cashout Refinancing


    • No Prepayment Penalties

    • No Income Requirements

    • No Minimum FICO Scores

    • Direct Lender and Broker

    • Fast Approval and Funding

    • Minimal Paperwork

    • Past BK, Foreclosure – OK

    • Foreign Nationals – OK

    • First-time Investors– OK

    Take the guesswork out of your mortgage payments.

    What is a Hard Money Loan?

    The term “hard money loan” refers to a private, nonbank property-secured loan. Our hard money loans are usually short-term are typically used to purchase various types of real estate including rental and investment properties.
    Hard money loans can be a solution for individuals who need to be financed quickly but are not eligible for a traditional loan due to unverifiable income or lack of documentation. Our loans are backed by equity and have a comparatively low Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio.
    To qualify for a hard money loan, all you usually need to have is the down payment or property equity to act as collateral. Unlike conventional loans, hard money loans require:

    No Minimum Credit Score  |  Minimum Documentation  |  No Income Statement

    Using hard money loans is a common financial strategy with “property flippers” — people who buy real estate to renovate and resell it for a higher price. They often buy properties that cannot be financed traditionally since the homes are in such bad condition. After repairing the house, the profit margin should offset the loan costs and leave a sizable payday for the borrower.
    Borrowers who have low credit scores but considerable equity in a property can also use hard money lenders to cash out on their equity and use the cash for other projects.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    $100,000. Loans between $75,000 – $100,000 may be considered for experienced borrowers with 2+ flips in the last 36 months or as previous GoKapital customers.

    20% – 45% depending on the transaction (we review factors such as property type, location, investment experience, credit score, etc.) but it’s best to send us details on your loan scenario in order for us to provide a quote.

    Although real estate investment experienced is preferred, it is not necessary. We do offer hard money loans to first-time investors. Typically, the down payment required will be over 25% and may go up to 45% depending on several factors.

    Although we have no set minimum credit score requirement, typically borrowers with credit scores below 580 will need to show significant compensating factors, such as: a higher down payment, additional collateral, or more liquidity.

    We typically approve within 1-2 business days, and are able to close in 2-4 weeks. This ultimately depends on how quickly we receive the required documents needed for closing, and how quickly the appraisal and title-work can be completed.

    Hard Money Loans Frequently Asked Questions

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